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#May AU Meme

Melanie and Jay’s relationship was long distance Melanie lived in L.A and her boyfriend Jay is apart of The Wanted and lives in London. They always Facetimed or Skyped when Melanie wasn’t busy with school and Jay wasn’t busy with work although they talked a lot on the webcam it didn’t seem like it was enough because they missed each other so much. When the boys arrived back at L.A Melanie was there at waiting for their arrival when Jay saw Melanie for the first time in months it was as if nothing mattered but her

A/N: Well doing an AU about my relationship i would have with Jay in an alternate universe written in the third person was definitely different. it was so hard to make gifs and they went all backwards on me…i hope you enjoyed this AU and HUGE HUGE HUGGGGEEEE Shout Out to my B(A)FF Mady for being the #1 #May Shipper out there (maybe even the only one right now) 

Have An AWESOME DAYY xxxxxxx :)

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